Wisdom from Bhagwat Gita on a well being and happy life.

According to a research paper published in PMC (PubMedCentral) of the U.S. National Institutes of Health‘s National Library of Medicine which compares Wisdom in Ancient Indian Literature with Modern Views, The 10 domains identified which were emphasized in Gita for a perfect well being and happy life are as follows:

“Who possesses wisdom’s eye sees indeed” (Ch.15 v.10).

Gita regards Knowledge as a great virtue. The highest level of knowledge equated with wisdom is the ability to differentiate the materialistic from the sublime things.

“(Anger, desire) the Wise man’s eternal foe; By this is wisdom overcast” (Ch.3, v.39).

Wise people are never deviated by negative or extreme positive emotions. Gita teaches to tread events of joy or sadness with similarity.

  • Control over Desires

“Whose senses are withheld from objects proper to them…firm-stabilized is the wisdom of such a man” (Ch.2 v.68).
“A man of faith, intent on wisdom, his senses all restrained, will wisdom win…” (Ch 4, v.39).
Gita says A “yogi” is one who is free of material ties and is moderate in his actions and reactions.

  • Decisiveness

“And so, take up the sword of wisdom, cut this doubt of thine, wisdom’s child still lurking in thy heart: Prepare for action now. Stand up!” (Ch 4, v.42).
“No part in this world has the man of doubt, nor in the next, nor yet in happiness.” (Ch 4 v.40)
A wise person is one who possesses steadfast determination and is certain in his understanding.

  • Love of and Faith in the God

“Let him (a wise man) sit intent on Me (God)…” (Ch 2, v.61)
Routine meditation with spiritual exercise are described as a way of controlling the mind and promoting several of the qualities discussed above.According to The Gita meditation is recommended as a tool for achieving as well as maintaining wisdom.

  • Duty and work

“For men of action wisdom is the yoga of works.” (Ch.3 v.3)
Also known as ‘karma yoga’, According to the Gita, a wise person works in order to satisfy his responsibilities to the society. Gita says obeying our duty towards society is itself a way of reaching towards god. Quite ideally therefore Karma Yoga is identified as the “performance of actions dwelling in union with the Divine”, remaining balanced even in the course of failure and success. Karma Yoga is therefore the selfless service to humanity. The Yoga of action, Karma Yoga thus purifies the heart and prepares us for the greater purpose.

  • Self-contentedness

“Detached from contacts with the outside world, in self he (a wise person) finds his joy (sukha).” (Ch 5, v.21)
Gita describes an ideal person as one who is self-assured, and is not dependent on others.

  • Compassion and Sacrifice

“Steadfast in the yoga of wisdom, restrained and open-handed, performing sacrifice…” (Ch 16 v.1)
A wise person is compassionate. Sacrifice is also an element of wisdom. Helping others, acts of kindness and charity, and doing no harm to others are ways towards achieving a greater happiness.

Lord Krishna instructing the Bhagavad Gita to ...

Lord Krishna instructing the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna in Kurukshetra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Yoga (Integration)

“Perfection found, is wisdom’s highest goal; Let a man be integrated by his soul…restrain himself with constancy…abandon things of sense…passion and hate cast out…” (Ch.18, v 50-52)
literal meaning of the Sanskrit word yoga which is “yoke”, “to join”, “to unite”, or “to attach”. The ability to integrate multiple other components of wisdom and to practice these to the benefit of ourselves and others is regarded as the most valued component of wisdom. Yoga includes practicing what one learns.

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