Bihari Mathematician Anand Kumar’s inspiring story


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20 thoughts on “Bihari Mathematician Anand Kumar’s inspiring story

  1. Manish kumar jha says:

    aaj jitna mathematician Ramanujam ji ka nam nahi hai utna nam hamare anand sir ka khola gaya ramanujam school ka nam hai.

    so i thnk hamare sir ko ‘Bharat Ratna’ milna chaie.

  2. Umesh Choudhary says:

    An inspiration for the poors that poors are not poor in every field…….. All the people of the world has been given the important thing which is brain….. Jst use it….

  3. lista de emails says:

    i loved your website, it always help me when i want to understand more about some subject, thanks a lot for helping us to get this information.

  4. lista de emails says:

    thanks for the great post. it reminds me that i have to bring more structure into my blogging. your blog is very interesting.

  5. lalan srivastava says:

    anand sir ki takat ko aj duniaya manane ko tayar h ar ab amarica ki uni to anand sir ke padhane ki skill pr reserch krne wali h…

  6. subhash bishnoi bikaner rajasthan says:

    anand kumar is fabulous and a real hero of our nation ……… i am in fully support with him

  7. nalin kumar ,kanpur uttar pradesh says:

    (duniya ne maana sikka) i m proud of anand sir bihar to waise bhi itna pichai hi aapne poor students ke dil mai aage badhane ke liye diya jalaya hai………………………………….

  8. Abdul Sherasia says:

    The story of Mr. Anand Kumar is really very interesting & inspiring. I don’t hesitate to add Mr. Anand in the list of the persons like Mrs.Ilaben Bhatt(Ahmedabad), Dr. H.L. Trivedi (Ahmedabad), Dr.Abhay Bang(Nagpur), Dr. Hawa Abdi (somalia), Yog guri Ayangar(Pune), Steve Jobs (apple), …… these are the personalities who make this earth to live for us ….. thank u very much….

  9. vikas solanki says:

    Anand Sir

    You should meet Bharat ratan for motivated and help to poor childrens. Since you are looking from a long time.

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