Greg du Toit — True example of indomitable passion.

  • He was so determined to capture the perfect image of wild lions drinking he sat submerged in their watering hole for three months.
  • He was also diagnosed with deadly malaria twice after contracting it through mosquitoes breeding in the pool.
  • In a final desperate effort, the 32-year-old decided to take the plunge and climb into the murky pool with his camera and ended up contracting several tropical diseases.
  • He had endured a year of failed attempts at getting the right picture after building hides and digging trenches near the animals’ drinking spot.

Meet Mr. Greg du Toit. A a professional wildlife photographer. His photography is raw and timeless,

his photos convey intimate interactions with the natural world. Greg recently received honours in two of the most prestigious wildlife competitions in the world. His image titled ‘Crossing Frenzy’ is currently part of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in London’s Natural History Museum. Another image titled ‘Maasai Enigma’ features in a special collector’s edition of the Nature’s Best publication which runs in association with the Smithsonian Museum, Washington D.C.


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