The man who gave “The Last Lecture” — Randy Pausch

“We cannot changethe cards we are dealt,just how we play the hand.”

Randy Pausch

When randy pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon university, was asked to give the last lecture, he was not really aware that it will be his last. Since he had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. But the lecture he gave — “Really achieving your childhood dreams” wasen’t about dying.

It was all about importance of overcoming obstacles, of enabling the dreams of others, of seizing every moment.

Time is all you have ….. and you may find one day that you have less than you think.

Here is Randy Pausch’s video that really changed the mindset of millions and taught them how to have a fun in life. It is really worth watching.

Book: The Last Lecture.

Some Links to Randy Pausch Work

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4 thoughts on “The man who gave “The Last Lecture” — Randy Pausch

  1. Tilak Raj says:

    Very true indeed.
    The excitement and energy level of the professor completely blasts you with phenomenal force and sets your mind thinking.
    The video is truly a MUST watch for all of us.


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