I too had a dream. — Dr. Verghese Kurien


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  1. i am a great admirer of sir kurian……………utmost respect for him for all his contributions and achievments.

    I am a student of the institute if technology -BHU……………………meeting Mr. kurian once is my dream.
    anyone who could help me wit that…………..give me his mail id or contact………….i will be highly obliged


  2. Amol,
    I just finished reading the book and came across your post while writing a little review of my own.
    You have summed up Dr Kurian’s biograhy very well. I also realized that there’s no wikipdia entry for Dr Kurian. You may want to consider creating a wikipedia entry?
    BTW, your blog post are very interesting indeed. I’ll certainly keep following it.


  3. Having worked with Dr Kurien as his Personal Assistant, Private Secretary and Executive Assistant between 1991-2006, I am proud to read the comments on Dr. Kurien. Despite his life-long work having positively affected the livelihood of millions of poor dairy farmers of India, the Government is yet to realize its folly in not awarding him with the BHARAT RATNA. Dr Kurien is 88, and it would be nice to see him receive the highest civilian award, soon.


    1. @joseph sir
      Dear Sir,
      Its really great to see your comment on my blog, I completely agree with you about awarding Dr. Kurien with BHARAT RATNA. Unfortunately he is becoming unsung hero in the mind of coming generations and after reading his book “I too had a dream” I realized the need to spread awareness about his work and contribution towards our country. his life story should reach every family and every school. I would like to hear from you if young people like us can do anything about it.

      Thank you for your valuable comment and attention.



      1. Dear Amol, the best way to let the young generation know about what Dr Kurien stood for, to my mind, will be to make his biography’ I Too Had a Dream’ a teaching material in education institutions.

    2. Government of India is working on giving Bharat Ratna to Sachin Tendulkar! Once they are done with that and if they still have time and interest Varghese Kurien may be considered for Bharat Ratna!
      My friend…Bharat Ratna is so small an award for Dr.Kurien especially if it is from our rotten politicians and defunct government of india! I wouldn’t worry about it for Dr.Kurien!


  4. Sir… I read ur book i am inspired by reading this book. After reading i have serched on net abt DR. Kurian there is very few information ….and many people in our country doesnt know who is DR.kurian….who has done the white revoltion …& who is behind amul group …. But ur book is giving so much information . So plez put that information on net …plez becz i had also the dream that every indian knows about DR kurian and white revolution…….


  5. Amazing work leaves me me awestruck how he could achieve so much in a country like India and at a time like 60s and 70s where the odds against success were so great. I definitely need to read this book of his. What a remarkable genius and a social entrepreneur!! May he RIP.


    1. Thanks Dinesh for your comment. May you receive real inspiration from Dr. Kurien’s life and may all your dreams come true. Let me know how you feel after finishing the book.


  6. Hi Amol
    I accidentally stumbled upon this blog post while searching for I too had a dream. I’m yet to read the book. your write up is so wonderful. The Legen of Dr.Kurien will live for ever! May his soul rest in peace!


    1. Thanks prathap for your comment. I will recommend you to read it first. I assure you that it will be one of the best read you ever had.

      All the best.


  7. Good News to share – ‘The Man Who Made The Elephant Dance’ the authorized audio book of Dr. Kurien’s ‘I too had a dream’ was released at the hands of Narayana Murthy on 5th Sept. 2012, is now available on flipkart at 15% discount & with Cash on Delivery option, apart from at various stores, across India.

    The audio book starts with audio foreword by Mr. Ratan Tata in his own voice.

    The audio book is also embellished with ‘sound bytes’, placed at various intervals, of few Special Guests that include Mr. Shyam Benegal, Roger Pereira, Sylvester da Cunha, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, R.S. Sodhi (MD of GCMMF-AMUL), Raju Narisetti (Editor, Wall Street Journal), Dr. Katar Singh (Ex Director IRMA) and Dr. Bruce Scholten (US Scholar & Hon Research Fellow at Durham University, UK) who have shared their views about Dr. Kurien & his mammoth work.

    It consists of two compact discs & a photo booklet. The total recording time is aprox. 7.5 hours in 44 tracks. The well known cine & theater artist Tom Alter has lend his voice for this prestigious audio book.

    Its a boon not just for all those who do not find time to read books but for all the senior citizens & visually challenged to enjoy & get inspired from the life of this legend,
    Dr. Verghese Kurien.


    1. Thanks Atul for this info. I will include link to this audiobook in main blog content. Wish you all the best for your new venture OM Audio Books.


  8. i have read this book and i like much. I am much inspired by this book. But pls tell me that this is an autobiography or biography?


    1. Hi Pooja
      IMO this is autobiography as all facts are told by Dr. Verghese Kurien though it is compiled/edited by Gouri Salvi i.e. she is ghostwriter of the book.


  9. Dear admin, I felt very happy as a Indian & as a employee of amul. We should remember great people like Dr.kurien ji, when I visit the all amul dairies, village farmers I really salute to milk man of India. 80% of amul profites receiving poor farmers. Really he is most eligible for bharat ratna


    1. Thanks Mr. Saiprasad for your reply.
      Congratulations for being a part of such great culture. Rather you should read Dr. Kuriens autobiography and pass on the great wisdom he left for us.
      Best wishes.


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